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BodyBiome - Raw Milk Kefir Soap Bar

BodyBiome - Raw Milk Kefir Soap Bar

"It’s now understood that our SKIN microbiomes and our GUT microbiomes actually "talk to each other" to try to keep us healthy!

Unscented. Natural. Sustainable. with Probiotic Milk Kefir from Fermented Raw milk.
Sustainable, eco friendly, Long lasting bars! 4-5oz each.

3 Ingredients:
Grass Fed Tallow
Organic Raw Milk Kefir (PROBIOTIC)

You will LOVE how creamy it feels on your skin!
It penetrates deeply into the skin's layers to moisturize and likely help with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea…
— Also good for babies, mature skin, faces, and private areas.

*BodyBiome's Tallow Soap works 2 ways to protect our skin's delicate acid mantle and micro biome:

1. It GENTLY cleanses, so it doesn't strip our skin or imbalance our PH

2. It is PROBIOTIC — made with homemade Milk Kefir (using fermented Raw A2 milk) which is understood to contain a wide variety beneficial bacteria. Milk kefir contains all the B vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium phosphorus, biotin, peptides, lactic acid, and vitamin K2 (which is a result of the fermentation process)

(When applied on the skin, milk kefir is believed to be good in helping create a balanced skin micro biome.)

If you're addicted to "CLEAN" from harsh ingredients in commercial soaps, you could be damaging your skin's micro biome!
This can cause skin issues like acne breakouts, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, yeast and fungal infections, and accelerated skin aging.

— Grass Fed and Finished Tallow - Tallow is believed to be closely related our bodies’ own sebum, so it moisturizes naturally. It contains Vitamin A and CLA

— Milk Kefir - a probiotic rich drink I make using Organic whole cow milk and “grains” which aren’t really grains, but a catalyst for fermentation. We make and drink Kefir daily in our home. When Milk Kefir is applied to the skin, the beneficial bacteria are believed to possibly work to create a balanced skin micro biome!

— sodium hydroxide (lye) - as in the lye soap our Great Great Grandmothers used to make - necessary to convert the oils 

— Honey - a natural humectant that draws moisture from the air into the skin.
Helps balance out the bacteria, making it perfect for those acne prone skin.

— Calendula Powder - believed to possibly help promote collagen production and skin renewal

[Since these tallow soap varieties do not contain coconut or palm oils, They won’t clog your pores or OVER-cleanse your skin, which may dry it out and damage your skin's protective layer... leading to more skin problems!]" Nancy of BodyBoime

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