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Feral Family

Feral Family - Magnesium Whipped "Pain Relief" Tallow - 2 oz

Feral Family - Magnesium Whipped "Pain Relief" Tallow - 2 oz

This grass fed & regeneratively farmed whipped tallow is as nourishing as it is therapeutic. Infused with Zechstein magnesium & wintergreen essential oil this tallow whip will sooth your aches & pains while deeply nourishing the skin.

Wintergreen essential oil contains methyl salicylate, which is structurally similar to the compound found in aspirin. This similarity allows wintergreen oil to exhibit anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it effective in reducing pain. When applied topically, wintergreen essential oil can provide natural pain relief for sore muscles and joints.

Topical magnesium can help alleviate muscle pain and reduce inflammation when applied directly to the skin. This method allows for targeted pain relief, particularly beneficial for sore muscles or joint pain. Additionally, magnesium absorption through the skin may promote relaxation and stress relief, making it a versatile option for both physical discomfort and mental well-being.

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