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In 2016, The Feral family was co-founded Zoi Medicinals, an herbal tincture company on a mission to make natural medicine relevant to every family. Over the last few years, we have focused on roles as a lab director and in operations management, allowing us to help Zoi Medicinals expand into a well-known national brand.

In October 2023, our family embarked on a significant change by pivoting to homeschooling. Following this shift, I created the Instagram account @the.feral.fam to document our lifestyle. Through this platform, we aim to share insights on natural living, herbal remedies, and to motivate others to embrace the outdoors.

Our family, known as “the Feral Fam”, (because we are habitually barefoot, outdoors, and wild,) consists of 7 members including our 4 sons, husband Bramel, and our loyal companion, Captain the German Shepherd. We believe that natural living should be accessible to all and strive to simplify this lifestyle for everyone interested.

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Feral Family