Collection: Rusty Star Ranch

Grade-A dairy that sell Raw Goat Milk and pasteurized fresh cheeses such as Chevre, feta, and Skyr. The cheese is made weekly from the milk of our herd of Nubian goats.

"I’m not a traditional farmer. I believe in using sustainable agriculture practices. We raise our livestock on pastures and rotational graze our cows, goats, and pigs through the pastures. Our cattle are completely grass-fed and finished and never get grain. Our pastures aren’t mono-culture fields. I believe in having biodiversity in our pastures with a variety of grasses, board leaf plants, and shrubs, as well as wooded areas for shade.

We have several stock ponds that we have stocked with fish to naturally keep down algae and mosquito larvae. Our water toughs have goldfish to do the same. We use rainwater collection in our barns to water the goats and pigs. We feed our extra milk, whey, and produce to the pigs. We use compost to spread and feed our pastures. We don’t use any chemical sprays or fertilizers. We use fly predators and sticky traps to control flies instead of chemicals.

We support our local feed mill to directly buy our goat and hog grain. We buy our grass hay from a farmer down the road from us. I’m working toward a farm that is sustainable and will continue to give back to the soil. But also a network that will help the local farmers and businesses thrive. Everything that happened when covid hit made me realize even more that we need a supply chain that is local and direct to consumers." Rusty Star Ranch website.