Collection: Lira Rossa

Italian handcrafted, small batch cheese made on a family farm in Moulton, Lira Rossa Artisan cheese makes a variety of traditional Italian cheeses like the classic, “Mozzarella”, the “signature Latteria cheese” - aged from 2 to 12 months that is made with raw milk, and the ”Smoked Ricotta” - made with the whey of the latteria cheese and it has creamy texture and delicate flavor. The cheeses made at Lira Rossa are from recipes based on Italian traditions that have been adapted to the conditions at hand in Texas. The availability of their cheeses depends on the season and the demand. Italian Made in Texas features how Lira Rossa Artisan Cheese continues the traditions of Italian Cheesemakers right here in Texas!
Lira Rossa - One Milk Agent