Collection: Four E Dairy

"Four E Dairy is a third generation, family owned dairy farm located in the rolling hills of Lavaca County. They sell fresh Grade A retail raw milk and cream from Jersey and Jersey-cross cows.  The cows are pasture-fed and then supplemented with a ration that includes home-grown hay and silage. They receive no hormones or antibiotics.

"Pastured raw milk has a beautiful creamy color and because it is not homogenized, the cream rises to the top and so should be shaken before opening. It is also not pasteurized so it has all of the essential nutrients and enzymes naturally found in milk.  It is loaded with healthy bacteria and beneficial raw fats.  The milk is naturally delicious and bottled straight from the cow!" Four E Dairy 

"At Four E Dairy, we love raw milk, our animals, and our family. We raise our children and grandchildren on raw milk. We want to continue this tradition by offering the freshest raw milk and cream to our customers." Four E Dairy

Four E Dairy - One Milk Agent